The Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm, PROTECTING your EMPLOYEES and PROFITS by controlling your restaurant's back door.



About the Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm

Monitor 4000 Exit AlarmInvented out of necessity, the Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm has been protecting employees and profits for more than 20 years.

Bob Barr, President of Security Products Inc - Manufacturer of the Monitor line of alarms, saw the need for a back door alarm when the restaurant he owned was robbed at gun point on Thanksgiving day. The thief gained access to the restaurant through a propped open kitchen door in the back of the building. Employees, thinking nothing of it, had opened the door to let in some air.

Scared to death and relieved of the days profits, Bob began to contemplate what he might need to secure his back door.

It needed to:

  • Automatically reset
  • Be a prop deterrent
  • Be easy to install, use and maintain
  • Force managers to be present and accountable

The first prototype started out as nothing more than a keyswitch and siren in the kitchen, with a sensor on the door and the main circuit board in the restaurant office. Before long he had acquired the help of a Navy engineer to build the first self contained unit of spare parts and balsa wood. From there the unit was toughened up with a powder coated alarmed steel box, barrel keyed cam lock, backup battery, alarmed keyswitch and more to address the needs brought up by customers.