The Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm, PROTECTING your EMPLOYEES and PROFITS by controlling your restaurant's back door.



Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm

Monitor 4000 Exit Door Alarm with Keyed Timed Alarm Bypass
SKU: 4000-BV-AKS
Keys to get the green light. Each unit comes standard with 4 control keys.
Parts and Keys
  • 120V Power Supply with Voltage Regulator for the Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm
  • 16534 Keyswitch Upgrade Kit for the Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm
  • 16534 Keyswitch with 2 Keys for the Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm
  • 570 Access Lock with 2 Keys for the Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm
  • Battery for the Monitor Exit Alarm
  • Circuit Board for the Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm - Back View
  • Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm Access Key - 23570
  • Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm Access Key - C415A
  • Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm Control Key - 16534
  • Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm Control Key - A1215
  • Sensor Set for the Monitor Exit Alarm
  • Siren for the Monitor Exit Alarm - Back View


The Monitor 4000 Exit Door Alarm

Regain Control of Access Doors & Profits

Usually pays for itself within 90 days!

Order Now for Total Security of Receiving Doors & Back Doors

The Monitor 4000 Exit Door Alarm offers you automated security for important access doors to your business premises.

Protect your business and your staff efficiently and effortlessly. Reduce pilferage and protect your bottom line.

The Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm is delivered ready for easy installation and immediate use.

Don't just take our word for it, please listen to our customers in the video. They share why they chose the Monitor.


Over 18,000 restaurants currently use the Monitor 4000

Some comments from happy customers...

The Best Back Door Security

Can Be Temporarily Bypassed for Authorized Entries & Exits

Easy Operation With Secure Keys



Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm secures high-risk access points such back doors and receiving doors. The system broadcasts a 100dB siren upon unauthorized use of the door.

  • It can be set to signal any unauthorized access of a secure entranceway
  • This function can be temporarily disabled to facilitate short-term traffic for deliveries or trash disposal. The Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm’s unique function will sound a reminder to ensure the door is secured and the system is fully re-activated
  • It can also be set to allow access in and out and to sound when the door remains open beyond the authorized time period
  • Critically, the system automatically re-sets once the door is closed, removing the need for manual re-activation and elimination the risk of human error from your access-point security.


Reliability - The Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm can be wired into the main electrical supply or can simply be plugged in. Its reliability is guaranteed by a backup battery charged at your convenience.

Clever design - The Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm is designed to last. It is wall-mounted to prevent damage by passing traffic, sudden impacts and the elements.

Automatic re-set - No manual re-activation needed when door closes. The risk of forgetting or being too busy is completely removed.

Security Benefits

Tamper proof - The Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm uses High Bias magnetic sensors that cause the alarm to activate if they are tampered with using magnets or other implements.

Secure keys - The Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm uses advanced security keys that cannot be duplicated.

In-system security - The Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm is housed in a secure casing which prevents any unauthorized interference with the system’s activity or its settings.

More restaurants protecting staff and the bottom line...

The employees feel more secure at night while they’re working.

Carlos Rodriguez - Area Supervisor - Wendys

We noticed maybe a point or a point and a half in our inventory.

Gary Ormand - Manager - Tony Romas


Order now and save money with the Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm!

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Prefer to punch in a code rather than use keys?
That's the main feature of the Monitor 5000 Exit Alarm.

Or looking for an automatic alarm for high traffic general public areas?
No keys or codes needed for the Monitor 3000 Exit Alarm.



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  • Power requirements - Plugs into a standard 110/120 outlet (hardwired unit available)
  • Dimensions - 8-3/4" H x 7-3/8" W x 3-3/4" D
  • Weight - 5-1/3 lbs
  • Sound pressure level - Approx 100 Decibels (at 2 meters)


  • 2 Alarm door access keys (for trouble shooting and maintenance)
  • 4 Alarm control keys (to get the green light and timed-bypass alarm)
  • 1 12-volt power supply with 12 feet of 2-conductor 18 gauge zip cord
  • 1 Stop sign door decal
  • 1 Sensor set
  • 1 Mounting pack containing wallboard screws and wood screws
  • 1 Operations Manual
  • 1 Installation Manual


Recommended Back Door Policies - Branded for
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Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm Operation Instructions - Branded
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PDF icon manual-operations-monitor-4000-exit-alarm.pdf Product Documentation, Manual
Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm Installation Instructions- Branded
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