The Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm, PROTECTING your EMPLOYEES and PROFITS by controlling your restaurant's back door.



I can not get a green light.

If your alarm has no LED lights and no flashing "0" then the unit is not getting power from the power supply.

Locate where the unit is plugged in and make sure:

  1. The outlet is working (plug something else in to the outlet, check breakers and GFI).
  2. The power supply is working.
  3. The wire to the unit has not been cut.
  4. The wires to the unit are hooked to the 1st and 2nd wire harness screws on the left.

You need a new circuit board.

You need a new keyswitch.

 Please call tech support at 800-45-ALARM.

You may have a bad wire connection and will need to send the unit in.