The Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm, PROTECTING your EMPLOYEES and PROFITS by controlling your restaurant's back door.



My alarm will not stop making noise.

Even with the unit in the disabled mode you should always have lights. If you do not, the unit is not getting power from the outlet and the battery has drained enough to send the alarm into panic mode. Check breakers, outlet, wiring and power supply.

The alarm is equipped with an alarmed keyswitch. As long as the key is in the switch it will make a “chirping noise”.

A red light indicates the alarm thinks a door is open. Make sure all the doors are closed (including the alarm door), the sensor is connected to the unit and the sensor is positioned correctly.

Make sure the sensor is connected to the unit:

  1. Inside the alarm at the back is the wiring harness
  2. There should be one wire going to the 3rd and 4th screws marked "Door Sensor". They are usually a red and a black wire encased in a grey sleeve.

 Positioning the sensor and magnet:

  1. Turn the unit on, the enable switch is located on the circuit board in the upper right corner.
  2. Insert your key into the keyswitch and turn it to the right to get a green light.
  3. With the sensor mounted, place the magnet against the door near the sensor.
  4. Move the magnet away from the sensor (keeping it aligned and parallel) until the red light goes out.
  5. Mark the door to indicate the location where the red light goes out.
  6. Continue to move the magnet away from the sensor until the red light comes on.
  7. Mark the door to indicate the location where the red light comes on.
  8. Place the magnet approximately ½ the distance between the two marks. (should be approximately a ¼ inch gap between the sensor and the magnet.) Observe the small red light on the front of the alarm. It should be out.
  9. With a pen or pencil mark the magnet holes in the door.

The alarm is equipped with an alarmed keyswitch. This functions by the key depressing a small button, when inserted, in the keyswitch collar. If the collar is not aligned or positioned correctly this button can get stuck and cause the unit to chirp. If you can not get the chirping to stop through repositioning a new keyswitch may be needed.

Please call tech support at 800-45-ALARM.