The Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm, PROTECTING your EMPLOYEES and PROFITS by controlling your restaurant's back door.



Security Tips

  1. Lock with fork and spoonEmployees should never enter or leave by the backdoor.
  2. The backdoor should be supervised at all times by management and/or an effective backdoor system.
  3. Management should never leave their keys in the back or in the alarm or give their secret code (monitor 5000) to other employees. (Severe disciplinary action suggested).
  4. The backdoor should never be left unattended and propped open.
  5. One of the following situations should be taking place at your backdoor at all times:
    1. Authorized activity.
    2. The door is secured and the alarm is armed.
    3. A siren is sounding, notifying management that either a or b above is not happening.
  6. Management should never give their keys or code to non-supervisory employees. (Severe disciplinary action suggested)
  7. Suppliers and sales personnel should not have unauthorized access to your backdoor.
  8. The backdoor should not be opened until it has been visually determined that it is safe.
  9. Recommended backdoor hardware: automatic closer, no exterior knob, exterior jimmy plate, door automatically locked from exterior, interior panic bar, door bell buzzer, a state-of-the-art wide angle peephole and the Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm.